Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Pride Analysis

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How has the author been able to incorporate pride, dignity and social classes into the novella?

In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Garcia Marquez centers and emphasizes on how pride, dignity and social classes has come into play. The novella itself has been assembled as remnants of memories of an assassination, the events that have taken place 27 years prior. Due to Angela Vicario’s circumstance, in this case, losing her virginity before a marriage has occurred, she got sent home by her fiancé, Bayardo San Roman, and then shortly after the young woman was nearly beaten to death by her own mother, then ensued by her enraged brothers whom has urged her into telling the name of the one who had been responsible for the loss of her virginity.
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Although he is not one of the townspeople, nevertheless, he did do as the accused. Bayardo, a prominent and prosperous fellow, marries Angela Vicario, in spite of her low social advancement. He is prominently sparked to break such conduct due to his longing aspirations in a bride. His determination in marrying Angela can be concluded that he’d marry her in a heartbeat, unintentionally exhibiting signs that all he looks for in a wife is beauty, indirectly hinting lust to be his real motive as he craves happiness. It also shows that he does not care on Angela’s thoughts on the marriage itself, when happiness could be considered as leverage in the marriage, marrying Angela might just be for pretense. Although, this statement has been proven to be false as his preferences in choosing a destitute woman while also putting on a lavish celebration. But, one mustn’t forget that actions including his garments, him buying the house and generating the wedding, is a prove of his wealth. In order to content himself, he oversights to make a perfect marriage drank as if there was no tomorrow, and force Angela to marry him, even with her disparity. Angela’s mother has been one of the characters other than Bayardo known to have broken the rule. Wealth seems to be her gimmick. She told her own daughter that love could be learned, implying that in her eyes, one’s prosperity is more…show more content…
The novella shows how one’s pride, honor and social classes serve as the fundamental base of the core of human values. It manifests how each of those characters satisfies the characters. One is considered as honorable when one doesn’t breach their internal moral code, which is useful to prove one’s honor as it is conjoined with both the elements of unity and humanity. To make the statement clearer pride, honor and social classes has no connection to one’s ego and masculinity, although that is talking in an old-fashioned manner. In the end it all leads to one’s integrity and how strong can one take pride in doing it
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