Essay On Constitution And Religion

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Does the constitution protect the religious beliefs of the people? The constitution is one of the most valuable documents in U.S. history. The people of the United States have been using the constitution to determine how the citizens of America are able to live. The first amendment of the constitution includes the “free exercise of religion.” What does that actually mean? The U.S. Constitution’s first amendment contradicts the practice of religion with the laws that are put into place for citizens of the United States to follow. Over the course of history, religion has been the face of conflict between the people and the law. Many people view religion shouldn’t be pushed on those who aren’t followers of that certain faith. People should be able to choose whatever faith they desire without feeling forced to lean towards a specific type of religion. In public schools, all throughout the United States, have cut out the Lord’s Prayer …show more content…

Coach Joe Kennedy didn’t force his players to pray before or after football games. If Coach Kennedy isn’t allowed to pray silently to himself in public, but if he forced his players to pray then this would have been a different court battle. The national anthem contains the words “under God” which is sung by many but an innocent high school football coach isn’t allowed to pray, an important aspect of Christianity, simply because he was praying to himself where others were able to see. Does that mean people with authority are unable to express their faith to the public and hide who they truly are? Gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states because people of the United States wanted to be able to love whoever they wanted to in order to express their love to the public. Why are people unable to worship who they want to worship in

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