Medical Model Of Dementia Essay

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Dementia is a disorder which causes the brain cells to deteriorate therefor causes a decline in several symptoms and affects a person’s mentality, capacity and how they go about their everyday life. NVQ 1.2 2) Describe the functions of the brain that are affected by dementia. There are many brain functions affected by dementia depending on which form of dementia the individual has. The temporal lobe’s functions affected are Memory loss for example forgetting things you have just been told or something you have just said so repeating yourself several times, balance, posture and vision can also be affected due to decline in health of the temporal lobe. Frontal lobe affects behaviour for example becoming withdrawn. Parietal Lobe affects speech …show more content…

Social model. There are two models of dementia, the medical model and the social model. The medical model characterises dementia as cognitive impairment, the focus of the medical model is putting things into place to treat the disease, whereas the social model focuses on the individual and putting things into place to retain the individual’s skills and capabilities with everyday life. NVQ 2.3 4) Why should dementia be viewed as a disability? Dementia should be viewed as a disability as the symptoms affect the individuals’ ability to be responsible for their everyday needs for example taking medication, remembering to eat and drink. Dementia also affects a persons’ capacity which can be a risk to their safety. Symptoms of dementia can be a big risk to the person as it affects memory so the person with dementia could forget vital things like turning an over off, not locking doors. Balance can also be affected so falls, slips and trips are quite common which means aids need to be put into place to try and prevent the risk of falls, slips, trips and other risks like leaving the oven on or not taking medication. Not having the capacity or ability to act responsibly for their health and safety is viewed as

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