Nvq Level 3 Dementia Research Paper

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There are different types of dementia and are described as follows:

Fig 1.2 (a) different types of dementia with their percentages
There are different types of dementia are Alzheimer’s, vascular, mixed, dementia with lewy’s body and frontotemporal dementia etc. and there are other types of dementia too such as AIDS dementia, Parkinson’s dementia etc. The Alzheimer’s is most common form of dementia. Let us describe the each of them in detail:
 Alzheimer’s dementia:

Fig 1.2(b) area of brain affected and cross-section that is seen from the front in Alzheimer’s dementia.
These type of dementia occurs about; this occurs due to the short-term memory loss. The other problem will be visual-spatial areas, reasoning, judgement and insight. Hippocampus is the region where it gets affected by Alzheimer’s disease, not only that there will be …show more content…

The injuries that is critical in the areas such as thalamus and hypothalamus region will lead to the vascular dementia. Thus, people with vascular type of dementia tend to have disease of the blood vessels such as tobacco usage, high blood pressure, heart attacks, etc.
 Mixed dementia:
Mixed dementia is another type of dementia, it is the combination of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia or in general it is the conditions where changes can be represented with considering more than one type of dementia which occurs simultaneously in the brain, thus this type of dementia causes 10% of dementia cases. The symptoms of this type of dementia is that it depends on the type of dementia that are occurred simultaneously in the brain but it may have the same symptoms of Alzheimer’s type of dementia.
 Dementia with Lewy

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