Socrates And Hippias Analysis

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For the purpose of this assignment, I had to delve deep into the life and beliefs of Socrates and Hippias. Over the last number of weeks, I have learned so much about Socrates and what his beliefs were as a Philosopher. Socrates was a very well-known and respected man who contributed a lot to the development of philosophy and other important factors. For this assignment, I had to analyse the dialogue between Socrates and Hippias which was based on the difference between ‘Beauty’ and ‘Beautiful’. The dialogue is extremely interesting and really makes you analyse their points. Background Socrates was born in Athens, Greece in 470BC. He was a classical Greek philosopher who had many different beliefs. These beliefs brought about different opinions and produced numerous amounts of debates and discussions. As he didn’t come from a wealthy family, Socrates had to prove himself and work hard to achieve success. Before he became a philosopher, he was mason, just like his father. As he got older, his interest for Philosophy grew stronger. He began to accumulate information about certain theories he had and as time went by, some of his theories began to make sense. Many people were very wary and confused about …show more content…

Personally, I believe that Hippias fails to appreciate the distinction as he is un-educated on this topic and he actually cannot see it. Throughout the dialogue, it’s clear that Socrates is trying to make Hippias see the difference without actually telling him. Socrates believes in self education. Although he was his teacher, he wanted Hippias to learn things himself. When I was reading the dialogue and came to this section, it really made me thing about the difference between the word ‘Beauty´ and ‘Beautiful’. Like Hippias, I also thought there was very little difference between the two. Socrates did not go into his depiction of the words ‘Beauty’ and ‘Beautiful’. He focuses more on Hippias and his answers to the questions he gives

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