Essay On Dodgeball Should Be Banned

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Youths should not be banned from dodgeball, cheer leading, and football. One reason why kids should be allowed to play dodgeball is that not only does it teach them god eye coordination and many other mental and physical skills but, many kids enjoy having the challenge of going against someone or even that going against someone bigger. I do not think kids should be forced to play dodgeball just because it gives them good mental and physical skills but, I do think other kids who do enjoy a challenge should be allowed to. Author Rick Hanetho, founder of the National Amatur Dodgeball says, “The game allows kids who are not good athletes to participate in a team sport.” (171). It would allow kids to not only be in a team sport but, also learn to not hurt others because they would understand what it would feel like. One reason why children should be allowed to do cheer leading is that cheer leading is something most young people find and grow into and then it becomes their whole life career. Cheer leading is something that could be modified more often and probably more medical attention could be near at competitions. Jim Lord says, “ You can minimize the chance …show more content…

I don’t think kids should learn such harsh moves at such a young age but, the sport is a very healthy sport. If anything football is ranked in the top 5 for being the one to help a lot of people lose weight and live a healthier life, and they aren’t doing the violent moves. If football were to get rid of such violent moves maybe more people would be open to playing the famous sport. “The happy medium is what Pop Warner did, with limiting the practice contact, by doing that, you remove a ton of exposure to head injuries.” Dr. Eric Lee, of Oak Orthopedics in Frankfort made that statement. (179). All the evidence in this essay proves that youths should not be banned from sports that turn violent by people’s solo

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