Essay On Ethos Pathos Logos

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The use of pathos, ethos, logos, and kairos in a writing piece can enhance the message that is being depicted through it. Adding pathos to a writing piece with give your reader an emotion connection and reaction to your piece. Ethos gives a piece more credibility while logos relies on the reader’s logic to convince them of a concept or idea. Kairos is the timing of when you state something. Each of these concepts can give support to a writing piece and help appeal to your audience. In my narrative essay, I believe that pathos would have been the best concept for me to add to my piece. This is because I would want the reader to be able to feel and connect with the emotions I was having when I was losing an argument. To put them in my shoes, I would need to share with them the emotions I was feeling so they could feel empathy for me. Logos was also used for when I gave my reasoning as to why I believed that I lost the argument. I would want the reader to connect with my logic on the situation. Kairos was used in the way I ordered the essay so that I could give the example first and then give the logic behind it. I didn’t use ethos in my essay because it wasn’t necessary since I was the one telling the story so I was the one who was credible for the story.…show more content…
Pathos is considered the easy way of getting someone to agree with your ideas because you are manipulating their emotions which leaves you with a weak argument. Kairos can be used in deciding when and where I place the important evidence in the essay so that it will give the strongest conviction. In order to have a strong argument, it must appeal to the readers logic and be supported with the credible evidence. Therefore I will minimize the amount of pathos I used and focus on logos and ethos while I construct the argumentative
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