Technology Advancement In War

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Wars have a long history from the ancient times where fighting was all about bows and arrows to the days of civilization where technology has been used to eradicate this era. Technology advancement has propelled the development of faceless wars. There is no need of taking the troops to the battlefields to face the enemies but rather face the enemies while several miles away. These technologies are; lesser-guided weapons, faster airplanes, and unarmed, bomb-carrying vehicles. Technology advancement within the past century has led to the lesser cost of human life because the war is modernized to faceless. This has lowered the number of casualties in combat.
The man has battled from the starting point of human species. Archeologists have ascertained
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Millions of people have died in wars or fighting since times of history, and this has resulted in innovative and sociological improvements from the wars. As we get to the 21st century, there is need to consider the improvement in wars which could be a key to human collaboration (Dugdale-Pointon, 2003). Additionally, he argues that regardless of the technological advances during wars, the troops tend to have three basic components, shock, infantry and fire support. The infantry is ground troops who battle on the ground regardless of the walks that they might make into the fight. They majorly take control on the ground. Fights began with chariots in the ancient days to the modern defensively covered vehicles used in the 21st century. The fire supports have advanced an has led to more precisely such as guns as opposed to slings which were used…show more content…
During this period, shock component was fundamental, and several armed forces dismissed the infantry component as they saw the mounted knight as the only safest strategy to the soldiers on the frontlines. Mongols introduced the stun component amongst their armed forces. The component ruled with the infantry and fire bolster. This equipment was all round which equipped the horsemen with spear and bows. The bows bolted fire which could be used to thrush the foe. The shoot bolster that was created during this period could be used together with black

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