Informative Essay: Interesting Facts About Child Labor

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Interesting facts about Child Labor All the high percentages are shocking how all these kids and their families are suffering from child labor and it is not their fault. In this statement it is telling you how big of amount of kids their families are suffering of global child labor. “According to the Ilo , 168 million children and their families are present in this work. Of all of these 168 million children ,85 million do, “hazardous work”, these works are basically were they have to carry tons of bricks and gallons of different things, they are also doing work all day and building things and they carry things on their head . I think this is not fair to these kids and their families. “According to studies , the …show more content…

Numbers of children that take place in agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, mining, and domestic works. “These works keep them far from the school and their physical and social, mental problems. This is what professionals improve of. The works of child labor cause kids to miss out n the life like school and having fun and having lots of friends and family to keep you happy and care for you and to have someone when you need. It also causes sadness and a hard life for these kids Causes of child labor shows that once you escape, people go looking for you and once they find you they kidnap you, this is what different resources and research Effects of child labor Loss of Quality childhood: It is important for human beings to enjoy every stage of their development. A child should play with friends and make memories for a lifetime. Youths should explore life and form strong foundations that would define their adult lives. Child labour, therefore, leads to loss of quality childhood as children will be deprived of the opportunity to enjoy the amazing experiences that come with being young. Children are often encouraged to play because it helps in their growth and development. A child forced to work will miss many of the good things associated with

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