Essay On Greef In Gary Soto's Father

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Have you ever gone through something hard to get passed? How do you handle that, how do you greef. Greef is how you handle a sad thing that has happened in someone's life. In both of the fiction stories Voyager Of The Frog by Gary Paulsen, and Father by Gary Soto, both of the main character show how they handle greef. I think that they show greef in the same way. One character is unemotional and the other so anxious to what's going on in their life. In the fiction story Voyager Of The Frog, the main character David’s uncle died from cancer. Throughout the story it explains how he died, why, and what was going on during he was in the hospital. When david found out that he was dying he hand;le it very different then his family members. In the text it states that “when David saw him he was overwhelmed with the chng” (Paragraphe 10). This proves that David did not really know what to do in this situation because he did not know this was going to happen. Also in the text it says “instantly, without a single thought that it was com ing, David threw up” (paragraphe 11). This shows that David handles this …show more content…

In the story the characters father dies from a neck injury at work. When the father was died the family hurried to the hospital and that's when i found out that the main character is unemotional. In the text it states that “I did not feel sorrow nor did I cry” (paragraphe 6). This proves that the main character did not show any emotion or react to anything that was going on. Also in the text it states that “Years later I realized that it hid the wound from which he had dies” (paragraph 7). This shows that the day he died he did not understand what was going on and why people were so said. I think that the main character is unemotional because at this time the character may had been very young it did not understand what was going

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