Gary Soto Seventh Grade Analysis

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In the short story, “Seventh Grade,” by Gary Soto, the author pokes fun at the seventh grade boys in the beginning of a school year. The main characters are Victor, Michael, Mr. Bueller, and Teresa, a girl Victor has a crush on. In the end, Victor learns that is it is always best to be himself. The author describes how Victor attempts to impress his dream girlfriend, Teresa. He tries scowling, an expression he learned from his friend, Michael. In addition, he lies by saying he knows French. When the French teacher, Mr. Bueller, speaks to him in French, he mumbles random words and makes a fool of himself. Moreover, Gary Soto portrays himself as Mr. Bueller. He describes Mr. Bueller’s days as a college student who would do anything to make …show more content…

For example the text says, “ Mr. Bueller asked if anyone knew French. Victor raised his hand, wanting to impress Teresa.” This further demonstrates that he has a conviction and is determined to get Teresa to notice him. This also illustrates that Victor will not give up on his dream of having Teresa as his girl. Also, Victor tries to scowl after learning that Michael, Victor’s friend, read a magazine showing that models would stand, one arm around a beautiful woman, and scowl. Once he tries this out, he acquires an odd look from a girl passing by, “He scowled and let his upper lip quiver.” His teeth show along with the ferocity of his soul. ‘Belinda Reyes walked by a while ago and looked at me.” he said. This shows that Victor is trying to act like the models in the magazine and not himself. This also shows that Victor is an easy person to manipulate. All in all, people today can learn from the humor in Victor’s story. It is always best to be true to one’s

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