Essay On Gun Control Crisis

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The gun control crisis in America Since the second amendment states that citizens have the right to bear arms guns should be more accessible to citizens, restrictions relaxed in the process of buying the firearm, and there should be no more new gun laws drafted. The second amendment protects our rights to carry and possess a firearm. The current laws with in our country have put more restrictions on Guns and have made them harder to obtain. These new laws violate our constitutional rights as US citizens and are taking guns away from the people who want to use them correctly and without confrontation. It has also made it more difficult to defend yourself against another person with a gun. The bottom line is we need to put guns in the hands of the right people and dropping Gun control laws is how we’re going to do that. The more guns on the street the better as it equals more people that can defend themselves as well as the lives of other citizens. Making guns more accessible to our citizens is one thing that maybe harder than it sounds. …show more content…

“Before you know it government powers will have created more gun regulations in US history than ever before”. This is also referred to as the domino effect which once it is set in motion is unstoppable. Is giving government that power over our citizens the right way to move because the Constitution didn’t say it. “New gun laws also violate our constitutional rights as US citizens and restrict us from firearms in which we are entitled to.” The Constitution was created for the sole reasoning of protecting these rights why do new government powers think they have the right to violate it. When will it come to an end when will the people who live in this country stand up for their rights and not let the government walk all over them. It is up to you the citizens to fight for these rights and to demand that Guns be not as

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