Essay On Immigration And Industrialism

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The settlement of the west or the gilded age time era has made the least impact on modern day and future America because immigration and industrialism have always been issues that end in the same kind of conflict as seen throughout the era.

The railroad system was a major industry along with mining and finance. These things were important to the immigration of the Europeans, Chinese, and eastern states that led to the rapid growth of the west making labor unions important and leading to the homestead act of 1862. Although immigration was a key factor in creating the rise of labor unions, they are no longer used in America, and are considered in Humane by today’s standards, even with the increased levels of immigration our country sees everyday. The rise and fall of labor unions caused protests and riots between the time periods of 1881 and the 1905. During this time there were around 37,000 strikes that eventually shut down the railroad system altogether. These events only prove that labor unions caused
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The American Indian Wars killed most of the remaining Indian population in America simply because we wanted their territory, only 0.6 % of the United States population is Indian not exactly leaving much room to leave a legacy or impact on the modern day. Conflict also made its way in through the presidents of the era, which included Benjamin Harrison, Grover Cleveland and James Garfield. Most people disliked these Presidents, in fact, most of them were impeached, assassinated, or had their ideas slowly taken down one by one as people did not want their ideas to carry on to future generations earning them the title of the “forgettable presidents.” Rumors also carried that there were holes in the election process, caused by false votes, although we still have issues like this today most of them have been fixed making sure that this history doesn’t repeat

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