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With only a few weeks remaining in this course and with all the different quizzes and discussion posts we have done I can say since my last concert I attended I have grown more comfortable with the styles of music we have went through. For my second Concert Report I really wanted to go to another performance that had an added feature to it to make the performance that much more enjoyable. Right after submitting my first concert report I started looking through the concert calendar to see which ones intrigued me the most. My attention was instantly caught by one performance happening right before Thanksgiving break began. This performance happened to be the film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark with the orchestra performing all of the music that is played throughout the duration of the film. Like the previous performance I had attended this performance was once again conducted by the Maestro Jack Everly. The performance would be strictly the songs from the hit movie Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the …show more content…

The piece that was played during this particular piece was titled “Miracle of the Ark”. This particular piece was rather ominous and made the seen overall seem very suspenseful in the build up to the ark finally being opened. The actual moment that the ark is opened in the movie the orchestra quiets down and the string instruments play a rather fast suspenseful note while everyone looks on to see what is in the ark. It is then that the scene gets more intense with ghosts guarding the ark and melting anyone that looks at them. To make this scene seem more intense and powerful the orchestra really matched that and grew in volume. As the ark sucked everything back into its confines you could really feel the power behind the orchestra. I remember this was one point where I became aware of the fact that the orchestra was playing the music and hearing it live only added to the

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