Essay On Land Transportation

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Analysis of the quality of service the consumer against the competitive advantage the ground transportation services

Abstract : This journal entitled the development of transporationt and its impact on socio-economic life and its impact on urban development from year to year. The purpose of this thesis is to know the development of land transportation from year to year and how it impacts the socio-economic life of society and on growth as a city. The method used in this research journal is a historical and survey method, consisting of four stages: heuristics, criticism, interpretation, and historiography. The four elements are an inseparable unity. The results show that the development of land transportation in Indonesia is forced economic
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The development of land transportation in Java is growing rapidly along with the opening of new plantations, especially in the districts. For example, the districts in central Java became one of the areas of the establishment of private plantations in the Dutch East Indies. One of the districts in central java whose area is widely used as the place of the establishment of private plantations is Cianjur regency. In Central Java itself at the end of the 19th century has been built adequate and adequate land transportation routes. The construction of land routes is done gradually, continuing the path that previously existed. The initial stage of development of land transportation routes from the big cities first. The existence of land transportation is needed to support the development of private plantations and agriculture in central Java, especially as a means of transporting the production. In the development of this transportation tool has encouraged the heterogeneity of the population in Central Java, because the mobility of people from and to the region more easily (Dienaputra, 2004:
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