Essay On Mechanomyography

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1.1 Overview MMG (mechanomyography) is a technique for interpreting mechanical activity based on muscle contraction. The prediction of muscular tissue condition can be found using MMG, a technique that muscular mechanical waves produced during a fiber’s contraction and stretching that are sensed over skin surface [22]. The purpose of this research is to explore various methods of muscle activity through MMG signal to recognize multiple hand gesture. The evaluation of muscle condition can be known with mechanomyography (MMG), that registers intramuscular mechanical waves produced during a fiber’s contraction and stretching that are sensed or interfaced over skin surface [21]. The major focus is on mechanomyography, the measurements of mechanical response of muscle during activity. It is well documented that muscle produce low frequency vibrations (5-100Hz) during muscle activity. The mechanomyogram (MMG) signal is observable at the surface of the muscle due to the movement of the muscle …show more content…

Smooth muscle is the muscle found in all hollow organs of the body except the heart, and is generally not under voluntary control. Cardiac muscle, the only type of muscle which does not experience fatigue, is the muscle found in the walls of the heart which continuously pumps blood through the heart. Skeletal muscle is the muscle attached to the skeleton which is the type of muscle that will be described here. The main function of skeletal muscle is to generate forces which move the skeletal bones in the body. Muscle is a long bundle of flesh which is attached to the bones at both ends by tendons. Epimysium known as tough tissue which protect outer layer of muscle. Inside the epimysium are fascicles or bundles of muscle fiber cells. The fascicles are surround by a layer of perimysium tissue which act as connective tissue. The individual muscle fiber is covered with endomysium

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