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Surgical technology is a profession meant for people who don’t visualize their selves working in front of a computer, spending their whole day with paper works or waiting for the time to pass. This line of work suits well for those individuals who are hungry for action. It is a career made for the brave, the fast and the people who consider themselves as OCDs.  Surgical technologists are the “worker bees” of the operating room. The scope of their job includes setup of operating theaters, transporting of patients to and from surgery, adjustments to lights and equipment, passing of instruments and surgical supplies to surgeon or surgeon’s assistants, holding retractors, cutting sutures and helping with inventory of sponges, needles, instruments and other supplies as needed for individual operations. Although this career seems to be full of thrill and very rewarding, it still has its own ups and downs. Let’s …show more content…

One must earn 60 CE credits before his four-year cycle expires to renew his credential. This may sound easy but for the people who work in a demanding occupation, it would be really complicated. They have to find ways on how to make time to be able continue their education without putting their job on the line. …and that’s the pros and cons of being a surgical technologist! Have we missed something? COMMENT to share it with us! The profession of respiratory care was born in the early 1900s. During that time, respiratory therapists were referred to as "oxygen technicians”. Most of these folks were trained on the job and their tasks mainly involve moving cylinders of compressed gas and administering oxygen via nasal catheter or oxygen tent. During the short lived history of RTs, there are eras that confirmed the need for their services and periods that threatened to eradicate their jobs. Learn about the five stages of respiratory therapy history by checking this

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