Essay On Mexican American War

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The United States war with Mexico continues to be a divisive topic due to the unjust and just reasons being argued. The Mexican & American War was the war between Mexico and the United States began because of disputed territory and Mexico shedding “American blood upon the American soil” although “American blood” wasn’t actually shed on “American soil.” The disputed territory was the area between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande that Mexico and the United States both claimed. It was also the area where 16 American soldiers were killed sparking the idea of the Declaration of War. The war against Mexico was unjustifiable because it went against the constitution, Texas was in the wrong, and the war was based on false pretense. To start off, …show more content…

In a letter written by Rafael Antonio Manchola, “they refused to follow our laws, unless it is convenient for them… using their own colonists as judges and practicing their own laws, forgetting that they swore to obey the laws of Mexico.” Manchola was saying that the colonists were disobeying all of their requirements to stay in Texas and practiced, or followed the United States laws. Texas was in the wrong because the colonists knew that they had to follow the rules set by the Mexican government if they came to Texas. The American citizens did not have to come to Texas if they didn’t agree with these terms. According to the document “U.S. Congress Debate on War with Mexico,” by Joshua Giddings, “It has therefore become necessary to extend our dominions into Mexico in order to render slavery secure in Texas.” The author is saying that the Americans in Texas were trying to show that they are superior to Mexico. They showed this by trying to convert the laws in Texas to their laws, or rules and to have them follow their ways. The Mexican & American war was immoral because Texas did unnecessary things and did not follow any of Mexico’s

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