Essay On Mexican Drug War

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Throughout the last 10 years, the Mexican Government has declared war on all of Mexico’s drug cartels and is using every option to win the fight. One of these options includes the dangerous Mexican military, which has caused many more problems than they have solved during this drug war. The Mexican Government’s use of military force to stop the drug cartels is not appropriate as the death toll mounts, the military is abusing the citizens’ human rights, and the cartels rage against the military, which causes more violence in the streets.
The Mexican military is increasing the death ratio much higher than previous years. This is clearly seen when usually the average injured to killed ratio is 1:4 because of the two armed groups fighting each …show more content…

The Mexican military is abusing their federal powers by kidnapping, violating human rights, torturing, and murdering. An example of this has recently occurred in the war-torn state of Michoacan, where the military opened fire on a crowd of civilians. This incident was brought to the public’s attention, once many civilians accused the Mexican military for killing a child and injuring five other citizens. This attack occurred during a military attempt to interrupt a blockage in a road. The citizens testified that the military opened fire on the crowd of innocent villagers, but now officials deny the fact and blame a group of armed civilians. The military has also been believed to participate in many cruel acts and are not being tried for these crimes. All of these actions committed by the soldiers are illegal but they have the ability to continue them, for the Mexican government is giving them more leeway and immunity than they should if Mexico wants to have a uncorrupted government. In addition, the military should be stopped from committing these crimes for they are not only unjust but also immoral and inhuman. Finally, the Mexican army was involved in a mass murder of 43 college student protesters. Although this isn’t confirmed by the government, the hard evidence all points to the military wrongly killing the peaceful protesters. Once again the military has abused citizens’ human rights and have acted immorally and

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