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Alcohol is at the root of many stories of Indigenous people that are heard on television and the news. Alcohol always seems to be the root cause of car accidents, murders and assaults. The stereotype of the “drunken Indian” plays such a vivid role in way people perceive Indigenous people . Because of the misunderstanding and marginalization that these people face, they get stereotypes placed on them that do not showcase their culture and way of living but instead showcase the mistakes and problems that they may be suffering from. Instead of bringing up the mistakes that some Indigenous people are dealing with, there should be steps taken for these people to rectify the substance abuse problems that they are facing . People in society have the …show more content…

It is becoming recognized as a problem to the greater good of our Canadian society. The problem of MMIW lands non-Indigenous people with the perception that Indigenous men are very dangerous and are willing to murder their own community and loved ones . However, this is a completely false accusation of women and men in the Indigenous culture. MMIW is a very serious issue that needs to be resolved because in the Indigenous culture, women are seen as one of the most valuable people in their tribes . Many questions and unknown reasons go towards MMIW but the stereotype that Indigenous men are a part of all homicides involving MMIW is false. Murdering someone is one of the most inhumane things that anyone in society could do, let alone an Indigenous person, who values life so much. However, because there are lots of unanswered questions regarding MMAW, the easiest thing for the government to do about the problem is to incarcerate Indigenous men. About 22.6 percent of male prisoners in the jail system are Indigenous men . For the government and the good of society, incarcerating people that seem like a problem, makes it look like the government is making society safer and fixing the problem, when in reality, the government is just locking people up because of stereotypes that are made by groups of people in

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