Essay On Motivational Interviewing

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Introduction Motivational interviewing is a collaborative, person-centred form of communication which focuses on the language of change. ‘It is designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to a specific goal by eliciting and exploring the person’s own reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion’ (Miller et al., 2013, p.29). The technique of motivational interviewing was developed by two psychologists, Bill Miller and Steve Rollnick. Motivational interviewing is therapeutic to patients as it is based on a partnership, rather than a nurse-patient relationship (Heckman et al., 2010). There are four processes of motivational interviewing; engaging, focusing, evoking and planning. These processes of motivational interviewing are used daily in the nursing profession to facilitate in the delivery of high quality care to ambivalent patients. In this composition, I will critique my digital recording where I talked to a patient using the processes of motivational interviewing. I will focus on the processes of engaging and evoking. Engaging Engaging is ‘the process of establishing a mutually trusting and respectful helping relationship’ with the patient (Miller et al., 2013, p.40). Firstly, I introduced myself to the patient. However, I feel that this introduction was brief as I did not engage in much informal talk to make the patient feel comfortable or to build a rapport. It can be …show more content…

Motivational interviewing offers an approach to this that is compatible with patient-centred care (Mason, 2008). Nurses use the processes of motivational interviewing in the healthcare setting to ensure the development of a collaborative partnership with the patient and to elicit a behaviour change. Motivational interviewing strengthens personal motivation for change, rather than instructing or warning the patient (Miller et al.,

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