The Pros And Cons Of Occupational Therapy

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Imagine walking through an airport, you see hundreds of people that vary in size, shape, skin color, the language they speak, etc.. but what about the side that we can’t necessarily see. For example, the way someone processes information, their sensory threshold, or perhaps their ability to regulate their emotions. Just because we can’t see these differences does not mean they do not exist. If you walk back through the airport, but this time with your occupational therapy lenses on, you might pick up on some other details that you missed the first time. These special lenses are what sets occupational therapists apart from other individuals.
Occupational therapists play an important role in society by addressing certain individual differences …show more content…

An individual can still have optimal wellness even when faced with challenges like an injury or disability. To have optimal wellness the spider web should be balanced with occupations from each of the eight dimensions. Think of it this way, each strand of the web represents an occupation. In some cases, the occupations overlap, and in others, they diverge, this is where the strands intersect. If one strand breaks the whole web does not fall apart, rather it is weakened. However, if multiple strands are destroyed then eventually the web will fall apart. Human beings need to engage in occupations as they give us meaning and contribute to our overall well-being and quality of life. In order for a spider to build its web it needs a strong foundation for the attachment points. Occupational therapists help provide and strengthen the building blocks individuals need to engage in occupations and perform their activities of daily living. They do so through a client-centered and holistic …show more content…

It was not until fifth grade that my teacher realized why I wouldn’t touch my school work after using the bathroom and it was a simple fix. The solution was lotion. The feeling of dry hands after washing them was so unbearable that I could not focus on any other activity until I fulfilled my sensory needs. I still experience this day to day, however, I can now plan ahead and stop the discomfort before it interferes with my ability to function in daily activities. Occupational therapists help teach children and adults strategies they can implement in order to function to their best ability. This personal experience will help me to be patient, empathize, and to understand the underlying cause of an individual's behavior which may not always be easy to see at first. My perseverance, determination, and flexibility will aid in problem-solving and using evidence-based interventions to help my patients achieve their goals and strengthen their

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