Competency Goal 1 Examples

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Goal 1: Lizzie will improve her emotional and behavioral regulation.

• Lizzie and her mother were in a pleasant mood when the QP met with them for a session.
• Lizzie’s mother reported, “over the weekend Lizzie had one massive blow up because she snatched a cup from her baby brother and it drop and the bottom broke out then I picked the cup and threw it, so it shattered into multiple pieces.”
• Lizzie’s mother shared, “Lizzie just went off when it shattered, but she was angry as well.”
• Lizzie’s mother acknowledged, “it was not the best response, but sometimes I just want to go off too when Lizzie starts on her rampage.”
• Lizzie’s mother commented, “This doesn’t have often it was just one time I was angry that she could not get along with …show more content…

• Lizzie’s mother commented, “it just depends on the situation on how Lizzie’s takes the criticism because she will ask me what do you mean momma because if she doesn’t like what I am saying it will lead to an outburst.”
• Lizzie’s mother focused don how she can give positive criticism by picking a good time and place, saying what she likes about Lizzie first, ask if Lizzie has notice any problems, describe the problem affects, discuss solutions together, write up a contract for change, and express love.”
• Lizzie’s mother listened as the QP shared how to deliver positive criticism
• Lizzie’s mother reflected on how to use motivational interviewing by expressing empathy for the person’s problem, point out inconsistencies between the person’s values and their behavior, validate the reluctance to change as natural, express confidence ability to change, ask what she is willing to do differently, and ask for a commitment to change the

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