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Beautiful feet, Attractive nails: Africa’s donation to fashion.
Today, manicure and pedicure is so developed that it is a vital part of most women’s life. Manicure is a word derived from two Latin words “manus” –hand and “cura”-care. It is the art of hand care that involves skin treatment, nail care, medical procedures, artificial nail fixing and nail painting. Identically, pedicure is also a derivative of two Latin words “pedis” which mean foot and “cura” –nurture, it is a set of procedures that restores newness to the feet while beautifying it in the process. For the most part, salons and beauty parlors offer this service while in some isolated instances where complex medical procedures are involved; specialists called podiatrists are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of foot ailments.
In view of the dominant influence of pedicure and manicure on fashion, a lot of questions are being asked about its history and origin .People are eager to find out the culture from which nail polishing came …show more content…

Where is all the improvement? That is a very frank question. Casually looking at his race one would think that the continent could not sustain development, however a thorough study of history will reveal the exploitation of Africa by the Europeans. The rich continent was subject to rude interruptions by unwanted visitors across the Atlantic. These came in the guise of bringing ‘civilization’ and ‘religion’ to the ‘barbarians’ in the land. Even when experience suggested that these aboriginals were civilized and religious in their own right the impression did not change, moreover the Europeans were also considered barbarians from the natives. The natives did their best to defend their culture and civilization from these intruders, but they could only hold up for so long, they were over powered by the Europeans, sold as slaves and deployed to build what is now known as today’s western

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