Essay On Police Power

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Depending on who you ask, what one considers police abuse of power, another may not. Today, regardless of many views to its legal contrast to police organizations, abuse of police power can be realized in forms of action such as verbal, harassment, false arrest, assault, excessive use of force, and illegal killings. However, regardless of what one considers, when those consistent actions of abuse by the police become the norm, it not only creates abuse, but also a stigma towards the police. Police harassment, use of excessive force and/or deadly force is destroying police-minority community relations. The consistent abuse of power by police within the same communities often raises question of protection of life and liberty. While it is hard to determine the exact extent of police abuse, it is evident though streams of media reports, protesting, and the occasional riot, that many in society fear, that police abuse of power has become the norm and that the abuse is violating their basis human and civil rights. This paper briefly discusses relatable events that can be understood by most, as to why police actions of abuse have caused protest and riots, especially in the minority communities, where the overgrowing concerns by the public is that police abuse of power has shifted from…show more content…
low-income), it has negative impact on themselves, because, it not only makes their actions noticeable, it creates anger, feelings of discrimination and most of all danger. When trying to establish and maintain community relations, psychologically the role of ones perceptions toward the police plays a huge part in how they relate when approached by them. While not all citizens may have directly experience police action towards them, many know someone who has and tend to easily related to its positive and negative effect on themselves as well as
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