Evaluate The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Higher Education Essay

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Since the time children enter the modern day elementary system, they are told the only way to be successful is to go to college. American students look up to their parents who have a college degree and a good job, and think “I want to be successful one day like that.” The pressures are very high for kids all over the United States. With the addition of the higher education, comes more pressure to do well, and also pressures to be able to walk right into the workforce and get a good job. The pressures of not going to college are also really high. Most Americans without a degree have to work more, for less, just so they can support themselves and their family. College life, chosen or not, provides different pressures that makes every student evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of higher education. Are the high costs of tuition and the long amount …show more content…

Many Americans now believe that anyone without a college degree is restricted to low-paying, menial jobs,” (Leef). In the American workforce, having a degree is highly valued, but in some cases, not always necessary. In a lot of instances, people will have a degree, but can not get a job that requires that degree. “A substantial number of college graduates ‘end up taking jobs for which college education is not really a prerequisite,’ making any debt they incurred to get the education essentially a waste, argued Ohio University's Vedder. ‘Twelve percent of the mail carriers in the United States today have college degrees,’” (Clemmit). Many Americans settle for “high school jobs” because they are unable to find a job that requires the degree that they earned. College graduates tend to receive a higher pay, and are more likely to be hired than someone without a degree, but they are not meeting their full potential. College degrees are not “necessary”, but they can be beneficial when trying to find a job. Many Americans succeed and do just fine without a college

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