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Jesse Lopez. Immigration and History HST 325. Project Paper: Racial American Immigration Immigration policies in America have been shaped by racial attributes. Whiteness has been at the heart of a complex and ever-changing immigration policy to date, to the extent that entire races have been excluded from entering the United States and its borders. This paper will make the argument and proving that racial based immigration policies are ill-founded and have done more harm than good to the growth of America. The shaping of America can be traced as back as 1492 when European colonist first began settling in the “New World” but America as a nation could be defined after the Revolution was won in 1776. Argument could be made that America first gained borders after the treaty of Paris in 1783 but what it is important at this stage is that English man were the majority of people who settled in America along with small groups of French, German, Dutch, and Irish man. The reason this is important is that this group of people in its entirety was white and who inevitably would shape America and is racially biased immigration policies. Before the Revolution was won, America needed people to begin to populate and work the vast fields. 1619 is the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade and that would end in 1808. Although domestic slave trade would…show more content…
In the picture, he introduces the reader with the headline of the miseries that his countrymen encountered at the hands of the white man in the slave trade. Equiano his story of his kidnapping at age 11 in Africa until he bought his freedom in 1776 and subsequently leading him to become an abolitionist. Equiano’s story is only one of the roughly 12 to 13 million enslaved people that the European man would directly affect the Atlantic Slave trade during its 245-year

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