Essay On Romeo And Juliet Rash Actions

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The death of Romeo and Juliet, I believe was done by Romeo and Juliet themselves. I believe it was them for the following reasons, their rash actions, all of their secrets, and the family conflict. These things lead to the tragedy of their death, though the story is sometimes seen as a love story, today we will be talking about their death.

Their rash actions were a huge part of what lead to their own deaths. Just one example was when Romeo is speaking about killing himself and lying beside Juliet “well, Juliet, I will lie with the tonight.”(Shakespeare. 793. 34). They didn’t always think about the actions they were making, they just did what they felt was right in the moment. These rash actions were most of the time things that spanned to death without each other, if they hadn’t done this thee plan would have worked and neither would have died. If they would have just waited for explanations.

The conflict between the families is also a huge part of why they died. The families caused a lot of fighting, like with Tybalt and Romeo, which was why he was banished and like the prince said at the end was “where be these enemies? Capulet, …show more content…

If they hadn’t kept their wedding, the dual, the plan to come back a secret none of this would have happened. Like it says her talking about their plan “appear like death and in this borrowed likeness of shrunk death thou shalt continue two- and – forty hours, and then awake as from a pleasant sleep.” So if they were already deliberating a plan on death what was to think that couldn’t lead to their real deaths? The secrets were even held between them even if they didn’t mean them to be. How he didn’t get the letter of the plan which lead to his death. Then her seeing of this death killed herself as well which also connects with rash decisions. Also affecting and leaving all of the family with no explanation of what had truly happened. Leaving everyone

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