Essay On Science And Engineering

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THE FUNCTION OF ENGINEERS IN PROTECTING THE SOCIETY 1. MEANING OF ENGINEERING We often use the words “science and technology” for engineering. what can be done by engineers with science and technology? Researchers think about it and do some research which resulted in the understanding that engineering is about planning and designing something that helps society by regulating science and technology. This does not mean that science is engineering. Engineering is about creating something that required by society. Whereas science is not like that, science is that you find something that already exists in nature, then you find out more about what you find. So, that is the difference between science and engineering. Engineering is manufacture something by using knowledge and technology. To create something just using existing technology will not yield good results, and therefore to solve it we must have the creativity or skill in this field. When we already have both, then we will find the …show more content…

For example in the past human cannot interaction in two worlds at one time. Then, how about now? Most of people in this whole world interact in two different places at one time everyday, every hour or may be every minute. The meaning of interact in two worlds at one time is human can use their electronic device with internet connection and interact with people on the other side world and at the same time they can interact with someone else in their real life. Absolutely this current technology is the result of engineers’ invention. Engineers also help us for our health and safety. They always make new innovation for new things that prioritized safety for customer. With new innovation that customer’s safety is the first priority, customer will be attracted to buy the new

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