Essay On Selma March

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During 1950s and 1960s, black activist in the South of America, were subject to some mistreatment and violence when peaceful participants around the country were attacked by white people and troopers with nightstick, tear gas and whips after they refused to turn back their protests. The Voting Rights Act was an important law in American history when African American people could vote under the 15th Amendment. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed this law to reduce racial discrimination and regulate secured voting for racial minorities because of the repercussion in the society. Until that moment, African Americans were suffering all kind of contempt and they had some social barriers because of the white people. They also should have less importance …show more content…

Selma March were three pacific manifestations along 54 miles in the highway from Selma to the Alabama’ state capital of Montgomery. They were organized because some African Americans wanted to demonstrate the rest of American population that they deserved their constitutional right to vote, instead of segregationist and repression. When state troopers try to stop the march with some violence actions, it triggered a wave across the country that facilitated the civil rights movement and the passages of legislation. Highlighting racial injustice, they were raising in American social live. For this reason, President Lyndon B. Johnson should signed the new Voting Rights and a federal achievement of the Civil Rights Movement. It marked the political and emotional peak of the American society. To conclude, Selma March was so important in American History, because it produced a time of change were American society was changing to the equal society that we know in our days. Of course it was taking some time, but they were the pioneers to do it. But they were fighting to their rights and they also demonstrated that they can get their rights without any kind of violence or doing bad actions. For example, because of them, Hispanics could get to be registered and could vote since

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