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Sizeism is a prevalent form of discrimination in today's society. This form of discrimination refers to physical size such as being very tall or very short, or being very thin or very fat. It applies to people who do not fall within society’s views of average. I believe that sizeism is a constant form of discrimination amongst us. Not only do many of us not realize that it is affecting us on a daily basis, I myself have been a victim of this form of discrimination. Weight is one of the most commonly practiced forms of discrimination. According to the C.D.C., “60%+ of Americans are considered fat, yet there is no federal laws in place to ensure equitable treatment.” This would mean that anyone could be terminated from their job because of…show more content…
The average box store only carries certain sizes of certain styles. In an online survey of plus sized women conducted by Kathryn H. Anthony, a reporter for Co.Design, a fashion website, “Only 14% said they could easily locate images of people who looked like them in the store.” Women felt that it was easier to shop online, than to actually go to the store. In the same survey, “Only 15% of the respondents said they could easily locate the plus-size area once they entered a store.” (Anthony). In comparison to plus size clothing sections for women, larger mens sections in the department stores are called ‘big and tall’, implying men with waists above 40 inches, and taller than 6’2, need their own special sizes. It is a subtle discrimination against those that do not fit the…show more content…
The new team has to bond together at their training camp at the beginning of the season. Throughout the camp, the players have racially motivated conflicts that leads to stronger bonds amongst the team. The team has a perfect record throughout the season, and even make it to the final championship game. Before the game, Gerry is hit while driving his car and was paralyzed. The team goes on to win the championship and celebrates with

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