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Introduction Imagine you or one of your family members was someone who fights for what they believe is right. Activism is very important and is when someone speaks up for what they believe in. This chapter will explain what activism is and how it could help many people around the world. Activism What is activism? What is teen activism? Well teen activism is when a teengaer speaks up and fights for what they think is right. By doing this they could help animals or people around the world. Activists fight for many things whether is comes to saving animals or helping kids get an education- by doing this they could end up changing the world. Teen activists have many characteristics, like being brave or caring, They care for many things and that 's why they became an activist. Overall activism is a …show more content…

Puppy mill What is a puppy mill? Puppy mills are not a good place for dogs or any animals to be kept. A puppy mill is a bad place. According to the 2 million dogs are kept at puppy mills. They are kept in small cages, The floor hurts there paws, and because of this they get cuts and scratches. They are not cleaned and not fed properly. They may get fed but they pretty much starve most of the time. According to, after a while some dogs just end up getting killed. How many dogs is this happening to? According to the there are an estimated amount of 10,000 puppy mills around the world. This organization also states that there are at least 2 million puppies bred in puppy mills each year. If there is at least 2 million puppy mills there must be a huge amount of dogs in puppy mills. If all of this is going on, imagine how many dogs are getting put to death. Well, I have the answer. This webiste also states that at least 1.2 million innocent dogs are getting put to death, and it needs to stop. This is what being in a puppy mill is like. As you can see they are squished in cages and don 't look well taken care

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