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How would you feel being trapped in a small cage for most of your life without any care, proper nourishment, and exercise. You probably wouldn 't want that, but that 's how life is for these dogs in a puppy mill. They 're about 10 to 1000 breeds of dogs in just one of each of these establishments. It’s a commercial dog-breeding facility that focuses on increasing profits with little overhead cost. The health and welfare of the animals is not a priority. Due to this, information I believe that puppy mills should not be allowed to continue what they have been doing to these forlorn dogs and puppies.

Puppy mills do horrific things to dogs just for profit. An example of only one of the things a puppy mill does is they will breed a female dog at every opportunity with little recovery time between litters. Breeding females are often killed, when they are useless to the mill. The puppies of the mother are just taken away from her and the puppies litter mates just at 6 weeks. The parents of the puppies are lucky enough to make it out of the mill alive, the same goes for puppies who are born with physical problems. This is an inhumane thing to do. Just think about what a fiendish thing that is to do to a living animal.
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The puppies mostly have an unhealthy diet this affects them in a physical way. Most contaminated foods raise the risk of liver, heart, and kidney disease, blood disorders, and many more. These diseases and disorders can kill a large amount of the dogs causing their population to go down. According to the article “When we opened the side door to the puppy mill. A stench of complex poisons pushed out: cat and dog feces and mold and bleach commingled into a cloud of raw ammonia that singed the hair in our nostrils.” Just by that you can tell that the quality of puppy mills is

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