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Teeth Whitening Summary The color of the teeth can vary for many reasons, and it is common for them to naturally darken with age. But teeth can also be stained by tobacco, certain foods and beverages such as coffee, tea and wine. While some diseases can cause discoloration. There are different methods to whiten teeth but all are made with bleach, usually in the form of gel that is applied to the teeth. Sometimes bleach combined with phototherapy or laser. The treatment is done either in a dental surgery or at home, but you should always be examined by a dentist first. Teeth Whitening on your own at your own risk. You can not be yourself safely assess the measures that are appropriate to use, so the assessment should be left to trained…show more content…
Depending on the method the dentist uses, it can take from a few hours in the dentist 's chair for a few days or a week of home treatment. With stubborn stains, it may take even longer. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a satisfactory result. Teeth with yellow or brown discoloration is generally easier to bleach than others. Discoloration from metals like amalgam fillings, are almost impossible to bleach. The same applies to teeth that suffered a stroke or an injury where the nerve, pulp, because of this has been damaged. Such teeth are often darker and more yellow than the other teeth. Several causes of discolored teeth The fact that we have different color of the teeth is completely natural and in many color becomes darker with age. The tooth color can also be changed by strong dyes from tobacco, food and drink penetrates the enamel and dentin, called the dentin. Root-filled teeth may in time develop a bluish-gray discoloration. This is clearly down to the tooth neck. Discoloration can also occur even before the permanent teeth erupt into the mouth. The most common causes of this chronic illness with high fever in young children, or that milk teeth are subjected to impact or damage affecting the growth of the new tooth

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