Importance Of Dentistry And Dental Hygienist

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To understand just how important and needed dentistry and dental hygienist are, being to be able to see how it all works helps immensely. Just knowing how much work has to go into it so that it is possible to give it the correct amount of respect that it deserves, instead of just knowing what it is and thinking of it as a day-to-day job anyone can do. I wrote my essay so that everyone could be able to see the value and just how important the business of dentistry is so that people could tell just how each person in this field who has a separate job title is like a gear that helps keep everything going. The first topic that was researched was written by “Candice Feagle, How to embrace the phrase, Oh, you’re just a hygienist!” It focuses on…show more content…
Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dental Hygienist”. You should note that the statistics on this article were relevant in the years 2016-2017 and while we are just past that, it is unlikely that the stats have changed drastically. In 2016, half or more Hygienists worked part time and almost all worked in dentists' offices. From the year 2016 to 2026, the job rating is supposed to grow at a rate of more than 20 percent than before. The reason it is increasing so much is that due to the increasing population in the world is going to need more dental services. As well as the fact of the increase of population, another point made is that oral health also leads to overall health. This article also provided me with a larger view from my last article because it expanded on what it had stated previously. Some of the tools they use are hand tools, power, ultrasonic, laser tooling, and air tooling. A constant pattern of their uses of the tools is usually air, water, and then baking soda to polish someone’s teeth. Dental hygienist remove tar build up, stains, and plaque from teeth. They then apply sealants and fluorides to help protect the teeth. My next few points are all about what kind of person a dental hygienist should be. They should really good people skills, only because you have to be able to keep a patient calm during the appointment. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are both extremely…show more content…
This article is a good source for what they do with what they earn as well as their education. A dental hygienists job and pay are reliant on so many things like their education, experience, and location are the main parts of their pay aspect. On average, a starting wage is around $26 an hour, which is around $53,000 a year. Experienced workers get around $35 an hour and that is around $74,000 a year. The median wage for a hygienist’s job is usually steady at $30 an hour. The work week consists of about 2 days a week with almost no overtime, and they tend to work about 7 to 8 hours. While they work, they are not their own boss so what they discover or are informed they have to report the dentists making them the intermediary. As for the education of someone in this field, you have to have a high school diploma and you should have a certificate in dental assisting. While in high school, it is advocated to take chemistry, biology, and a higher form of math such as calculus. An accredited hygiene program after high school is also required; this usually takes around one to two years. Just as they are educated in school and in college what to do with teeth even on a daily basis, they teach their patients what to do during an
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