Orthodontic Braces Research Paper

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Keeping children safe and healthy is the goal of every loving mother in the Stafford, King George, and Fredericksburg area. This includes the very important element of dental care and braces. Often women tend to put their own health needs behind that of their family until later in life when they decide to visit Fredericksburg for adult braces. Although braces may help to straighten a smile or correct a physical issue, without proper dental care while wearing this correctional equipment will result in additional oral health concerns after removing the braces. One of the questions of the patients receiving orthodontic braces for adults in Fredericksburg is, "Do orthodontic braces cause white spots on teeth?" Causes The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. It is important to determine if the white spots are resulting from the braces themselves, or if the spots are from improper dental care while wearing the …show more content…

It is recommended that brushing two to three times a day for at least two minutes each time. Patients wearing Fredericksburg adult braces will benefit from flossing thoroughly at least once a day to remove debris from between the teeth and from around the brackets of the braces. It is also a good idea to visit your dental specialist for routine cleanings while wearing braces. Water flossing-Flossing is an awkward and undesirable task for many. Using a water-jet powered flosser will remove much of the debris and particles that a string floss does not reach. This will also remove food particles from below the gum line, resulting in a healthy smile. Fluoride treatment-Introducing extra fluoride to an oral regime will help to protect the teeth from plaque build-up. When patients receive orthodontic braces for adults Fredericksburg, fluoride treatments can be applied during the regular orthodontic visits and can be maintained at home with a daily fluoride

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