Essay On The American Revolution Vs French Revolution

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What is a revolution? A revolution is a movement that people do for a change in the government because reasons, such as equality rights. For example, during the late 1700s, the French Revolution began to occur for that reason. Years later, the Haitian Revolution then occurred. Similar to the French, it also started because of wanting equality rights. Although both revolutions began in the same period of time, they are similar and different in many ways. Similar because of what caused both revolutions and different because of the violence that was used in each movement and the outcome from it.

A similarity between both revolutions was the reason that started it all. Both of the French and Haitian Revolution were caused by enlightenment ideas and the lower classes wanting equality. In the French Revolution, the common people had to pay the most taxes, while the upper class didn 't pay that many taxes. The common people seemed to have enough
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When the revolutions were coming to an end, the Haitian revolution had a better ending than the French Revolution. In the French Revolution, people like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette died on the guillotine because they were careless and selfish. After that madness, Napoleon Bonaparte began to rule and it created more problems. The Haitian Revolution had a more positive ending. It ended slavery and declared the nation as independent. It was also “the second democracy in the western hemisphere, and the first black republic in the world” (

In conclusion, the French and Haitian Revolution are both similar and different in many ways. It was similar because of the cause for them, which was because of enlightenment ideas and wanting equality rights. They were different, however, because of the amount of violence used and the outcome from it. Either way, each revolution should be known to the world because they both are just as
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