Essay On The Best President During The Cold War

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In your opinion who do you believe was the best president during the Cold War? Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy were all in office during this time period. Truman and Eisenhower used negotiations and the military to defend the United States during the Cold War, unlike them, Kennedy used the military to stop communism by attacking the situation. In the text book "American Anthem Reconstruction to the Present" it states that in the 1920's and 1930's the United States viewed the Soviet Union as an enemy because communism was spreading throughout the country and other parts of the Middle East. Communism is when the government owns the mean of production and control planning of the economy. (Ayers, Edward) Truman used negotiations and the military to defend the United States and …show more content…

Eisenhower did many similar things like Truman during the Cold War. Eisenhower said during his speech "President Eisenhower's Speech on the U.S. Role in the Middle East", the national boundaries helped, because there wasn't any countries interrupting the Middle East. He knew these boundaries were good because he came up with the "Domino Theory." With this theory, it was believed that if one country falls to communism, like dominos, the rest of the Middle East would also. (Ayers, Edward) Since all of this was happening, the United States began the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). which was when multiple countries cam together to stop communism. (Ayers, Edward) There were eight countries that supported organization throughout the world. (Ayers, Edward) They were Australia, Great Britain, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, and the United States. (Ayers, Edward) Even though the United States supported SEATO, President Eisenhower stated that aggression rarely or ever succeeds. (Eisenhower, Dwight) During this time, Russia was solely focused on the Middle East because of the powerful politics. (Eisenhower,

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