Essay On The Dark Ages

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Another period known as the Dark Ages or the Middle Ages were governed by the local warlords, also comes with the loss of literacy, standard of living drops do to the fall of the Roman Empire because many people didn’t know what to do or where to go so many just went back to the old ways of living again. In the time period of the Dark Ages the Sutton Hoo burials became a famous excavation where kings, queens, nobles, and people who were wealthy were buried in boats with all their treasure such as rings, jewelry, and ornaments. One of the most famous items that would be buried with the wealthier people was purse cover. The purse cover had zoomorphic forms or creatures that we think are animals that look familiar to us but aren’t. We also have …show more content…

Inside the Charlemagne when looking at the dome you can see the four evangelists and also Jesus Christ enthroned in majesty which represents the end of times because people believed that Christ would come back and walk on the Earth since it has already been a millennium. Romanesque period begins where barrel vaulting becomes in play and buildings start to take some Roman knowledge of building such as barrel vaulting and combines it with modern day building techniques to get what is called Romanesque which means Roman-like. An example of Romansque would be looking at the floor plan of St. Sernin where we can see the Apse from the back (the building in the back), we can also see the Transept (around roof of the building), we can also see the nave connected to the Transept and last but not least we can also see the West-work which is located West and is the entrance into the

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