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Toxoplasmosis is also an illness that can be contracted from pet litter. It is a parasitic disease that causes defects in the fetus. If you own a kitty and you are pregnant, don’t handle the litter box without wearing rubber gloves, and wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face or mouth. Ticks Your pet may be harboring ticks if they play out in the woods. Some ticks are known to be vectors of Lyme disease, a condition which is hard to diagnose or detect. The disease results in chronic problems such as arthritis, irregular heartbeat, and impaired brain function. Whenever you animals come back from the woods, make sure you check them. After that, carry out a full-body check on yourself and your kids, says Swanson. Ticks are removed from animals and humans in the same way. First, apply rubbing alcohol…show more content…
After filling your fish tank with clean water from a tap, use a test kit to check the pH of the water. You can buy the kit from a pet supply store, an online shop or a speciality store. While some fish perform best in water of higher acidity or alkalinity, a balanced pH of 7 is ideal for most fishes. Before introducing the first fish into the new tank, allow the tank to sit for a minimum of one week. This is to make sure that all the impurities in the water settle and that nothing is out of order. Gravel that will be added to the tank should be rinsed clean with water. For every gallon of water, add one pound of gravel. Your new tank should be placed against an inside wall. Make sure it is not facing direct sunlight, doors, windows, vents and other places that allow the entry of drafts to maintain a constant water temperature. Also, you may buy a tank thermometer to monitor the water temperature. Accessories and

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