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Vinegar or french for sour wine is formed by aerobic bacteria oxidizing grain alcohol to acetic acid and water more generally, vinegar can be defined as a solution composed of acetic acid ,.
Water perhaps other substances the conc. of acetic acid in vinegar may be expressed as a Molarity as a mass percent . a titration involve performing a controlled reaction between a solution of known concentration(the titrant) and a solution of unknown concentration (the analyte) here the titration is an aqueous solution of ~0.1Msodium hydroxide and the analyte is vinegar .
KEYWORDS: Vinegar titration molarity density
Ordinary white vinegar is an aqueous solution of acetic acid which often carries the notation that the acidity has been
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We have two other tasks to accomplish in the lab we must determine the denisty of the vinegar sol and the molarity of the acetic acid in a vinegar The mass percent can be our data.
To accomplish our tasks, we will need to make very accurate volume and mass measurement .Burette and pipettes are useful in accurately measurement
Prepration of Burette
1 .check the burette by rinsing down the sides with distilled water bottle to check if water sheets down inside of the burette If water droplets are observed, the burette should be washed before use. Be careful not to scratch the inner surface if you find it necessary to use a burette brush to clean it Rinse the burette well with tap water including the stop cock and washers.
2 Finally rinse the burette at least twice with small portions of yours NAOH solution to ensure that all water is removed.
3. Fill the burette with NAOH sol. Using funnel.
4. To remove trapped air bubble in the trip of the burette after filling. Quickly opened and closed the stop cock several times
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