Nt1310 Unit 4 Coursework

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Coursework Equipment List • Boiling tubes (8) I will use these because this is where I will mix both the sodium carbonate and the strontium nitrate in order to form the precipitate. I need 8 because I am going to add 8 different amounts of strontium nitrate (1-8cm³) to the 8cm³of sodium carbonate. • Measuring cylinder (1) I will use this to measure the 8cm³ of sodium carbonate and the varying amounts of strontium nitrate to put into the test tubes. • Sodium Carbonate (enough to fill 8 boiling tubes with 8cm³/64cm³) This is what I will mix with the varying amounts of Strontium nitrate to form the precipitate. • Strontium Nitrate (enough to fill 8 boiling tubes with your varying amounts/36cm³) This is what I will mix with the sodium carbonate in order to form my precipitate. • Test Tube Rack …show more content…

If this does occur remove any contaminated clothing and rinse the skin and clothing thoroughly. • Do not inhale chemicals as they can be poisonous. If this does occur take the person away from the substance and take them to a hospital immediately. Method To test my hypothesis, I will add varying amounts of Strontium Nitrate (1-8cm³, adding an extra 1cm³ each time) to 8cm³ of Sodium Nitrate in order to form a white precipitate. I have chosen to use this scale of strontium nitrate because it will give me more results so the graph will be more accurate. I will measure the precipitate formed with a ruler in millimetres. I have decided to measure this in millimetres because it is a more accurate measurement so I will be able to compare them easily and more precisely. 1. Place 8 boiling tubes in a boiling tube rack and label them 1-8. 2. Add 8cm³ of sodium carbonate to each tube using a measuring cylinder. 3. Measure out the strontium nitrate for each boiling tube and add it (boiling tube 1 contains 1cm³, test tube 2 contains 2cm³ and so on). 4. Leave the boiling tubes for 1 hour to allow the precipitate formed to

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