Essay On Vision For America

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My Vision for America

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”- Jonathan Swift. Vision is important to have. Everyone has their own views on how America should be, but I think that we could make the world a better place. There are many reasons on how I think that we could improve our country for future generations. Our kids and grandkids are going to live here and we need to make it as great of an experience as we can.
My first vision for America is world peace. I think that if everyone could get along with each other, then we would not have war. We could save the lives of many people every year if we did not have war. I also think that we should be less judgmental and actually get to know people of any race or religion. We are all people. The only thing that is different is skin color or our beliefs. I do not think that we should judge someone based on how they look or their religious beliefs. If we could all make peace, I believe that …show more content…

If we love our country and say good things about America, then it might rub off on other people and they can do the same. I do not like it when some people look down on our country or say negative things. I think that we should be proud of the freedoms that we have today. We have freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and many more. We would not have these freedoms if our founding fathers did not fight for them. We should appreciate the rights that we have today and not take them for granted.
My last vision for America is education. Education is extremely important. Without education, we would not have the technology that we have today. If we keep learning, maybe in the future someone will come up with a cure for cancer. We can not forget about education or we will not be able to advance technology. If we did not have education, then we would not have doctors, lawyers, nurses, and many other important

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