What America Means To Me Essay

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America...what does it mean? Why does everyone want to live here? What does it mean to me? The United States can be seen as a box of colorful pencils. If we don’t use all the colors the picture will never be finished. The most important colors are red, white, and blue. These three colors represent hope, equality, and perseverance. The one thing that is most important about our country is the freedom that we have here. We are some of the most privileged people in this world, but we don’t notice it throughout our everyday lives. Far too many people take for granted what it means to be an American. We as Americans are able to live our lives to the fullest. We sometimes relate it to sitting at a baseball game eating hot dogs or going to church on a Sunday morning with our family. To be American is …show more content…

Bravery is people who are afraid but still go after what they know is right even if it scares them. Men and women today are fighting for our freedom and our rights as human beings. The brave souls that have died for us are some of the bravest people known to man. We tend to think of bravery as signing up for a school talent show or singing in front of an audience, but we never really look at the big picture. Bravery is going into battle with the knowledge that you could either live or die, knowing that you might not come back home to your family. This country has been fighting wars for centuries upon centuries. Our ancestors had the courage to fight for our freedoms that we enjoy today. An example of courage is the Pilgrims leaving Britain and their harsh laws for a new land where they could worship God freely the way they had done in secret. Later, they would stand up to Mother England and fight in a war to defend their new country and beliefs. There are no words for how much gratitude we should feel for them. The best way to thank them is to keep going with the legacy that they have left us

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