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Criminal Justice Jail Paper As one can see while walking through the Wabash County and Miami County jails there are many differences that stand out. Jails were built accordingly to the era in which they were built in. In this essay you will read about some of the differences that can be noticed while walking through the Wabash County and Miami County jails. The differences between the two jails are the time in which the two jails were built, accessing parts of the jail, and the cleanliness of the two jails. One major difference between the Wabash County and the Miami County jails is the year in which they were built. In the year of 1979 the Wabash County jail was built and was made to hold seventy two inmates. …show more content…

The Miami County Jail uses mainly technology in everything they do. Officers use computers to open and shut doors as well lock and unlocking doors. This is done mainly in the dispatch center located near the front of the building. The Next paragraph is about the differences in the cleanliness of the two jails. The maintenance of the Wabash County Jail differs greatly from the Miami County Jail. The Wabash County Jail’s Detox room has a vent that has spit wads (spit balls) covering the vent cover. As you walk into the cell blocks in the Wabash County Jail you can see the inmates living quarters and within the inmates living quarters you can see trash lying on the floor. The Miami County Jail is very clean and their Detox room doesn’t have any trash lying around on the floor or on the benches. The Miami County Jail has their inmates clean their cells at least once a day to keep the living conditions in overall a good shape. You would think that since the Wabash County Jail is a governmental building that it would be cleaned up somewhat decent. The cells should be cleaned out frequently. The Wabash County Jail needs some upkeep

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