Essay On Water Quality In South Africa

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Water Quality problem in South Africa

Water quality in South Africa: The problem

South Africa located in Africa, and during 2016, there were over 12 hundred million population living in there, and did you know, in Africa, two out of five people lack of clean water? This means about that 4.8 hundred million people haven’t got clean water to drink!

Every day millions of people in South Africa, female mostly, needs to travel many kilometers to get any water at all. And the length it takes to collect the little water they can get means that they mostly don’t have time left to do anything else during the day. Children do not get the chance to have education care simply because they are too busy collecting water. Compare to Europe, most
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Chemical industry wastes are the very important and deadly. The main industrial waste that flows into our water strain are, Asbestos, leads, Mercury, Nitrates, Sulphur, Oils and Petrochemicals etc. This will cause fishes run out of oxygen and dies, also plant around the water strain will be in dangers too.

In term of sewage, it’s also a pretty important factor that causes water pollution. One of the main type of sewage is domestic sewage. Domestic sewage means sewage directly from kitchen, bathroom, and laundry sources. It can come from waste from food preparation, dishwashing, garbage-grinding, toilets, baths and sink. Those things we mostly will all do in everyday and some time, if you don’t treat it well, it’s very deadly to water quality. Domestic sewage contains a wide variety of impurities. The amount of it might be small in mass, but most of it tend to rot, the various powders, soaps and solutions that we use for keeping our houses and our body clean may cause serious damage to water pollution because they contain harmful chemicals, which can dissolve and affect large volume of water. In addition, domestic sewage is very likely to contain disease-causing microbes that can affect other living

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