Essay On Why Parents Should Watch On Their Children

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Most people have had those awkward moments when their parents are spying on them when they are on the computer or when they are talking to their friends and possibly wondered why their parents do not trust their children. Well, it is not that their parents are not trusting their children; it is actually the fact that the parents are worrying about their children because parents do not want their children to be hurt by pornography, cyber-bullying, drugs or meeting strangers. Therefore, parents have the right to “spy” on their children under these circumstances so that they could prevent the terrifying consequences happening to their children. Firstly, pornography is a massive problem in the society now and a lot of parents are failing at protecting their children from pornography. Pornography, also known as porn for short, destroys marriages. Porn destroys people’s sexual desire towards their spouse when they are using it, because once a person…show more content…
The best way for parents to do that is to know who their children are getting involved with, because a lot of the times when children are getting involved with drugs, they are often pressured by their peers which usually include their friends. Another possible reason why children would resort to drugs is because of depression which commonly is due to bullying, especially in the case of teenagers. Drugs causes people to age faster, great unrepairable damage to the brain cells which can cause loss of memories and a decreasing rate in the intelligence level of an individual. They can cause a person to have suicidal thoughts which can lead to potential suicide. Drugs can also cause depression, loss of respect, loss of reputation and can be a great problem for one’s financial life. Therefore, parents should be watching over their kids in order to prevent them from being involved with drugs so that they could avoid the

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