Essay On Women's Rights In The United States

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Women’s Rights in the US
“I have thrown down the gauntlet, it is time to restore women their lost dignity and make them part of the human species,” (Mary Wollstonecraft Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society ). Women around the world are struggling to control their own lives. However, people in the United States think that women in the US are the exception. Nevertheless, they are not correct. The US government should enforce laws protecting women’s control over themselves, enable them to get good jobs and be well represented politically.
Women all around the world have, for centuries, struggled to gain rights. “Historically men exercised enormous power over women controlling sexuality and reproduction,” (Wichterich, Christa Sexual and Reproductive Rights). The struggle for women’s rights is not new. For example, throughout history, for a long time, women have struggled to gain rights for women specifically the right to vote (1820-1920). Women in 1848 thought they should have …show more content…

Studies show women in America are 35% more likely to be in poverty than men. Also, nearly two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women. These workers sometimes do not even get paid sick days. The information states working women are at a disadvantage compared to men. Furthermore, women, according to several studies, are payed less than men performing the same jobs. In September 2015, the US census bureau discovered women working full time make only 77% of every dollar earned by white males while African American and Latina women make 56-64 cents for every dollar. If they are doing the doing the same thing, why are they not being payed the same? People, however, claim women’s wage gap is due to women’s career choices rather than gender discrimination. The study, although, shows how jobs are sexist and have discrimination against women and different races by paying them

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