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One of the social challenges facing my community sine the past 5 years is the menace of youth violence. The menace of youth violence has assumed a serious dimension. Robbery, rape, murder, deliberate destruction of properties. Drug abuse, kidnapping, ritual killings, hooliganism, petrol-pipeline vandalism etc. are becoming a norm in my community. These violent actions have turn out to be a serious threat to peace, human capacity building, commerce, and establishment of life-transforming institutions. This research paper examines the factors responsible for the sudden rise of youth violence in my community. Immoral lifestyle of the elders of my community, insensitivity and corrupt attitude of the government, infective and poorly equipped skills acquisition programs, high rate of unemployment, lack of basic amenities, poor family structure, peer pressure, unavailability of quality education have been identified as causative factors of youth involvement in crimes. The consequences of youth violence in my community results to destruction of…show more content…
The word violence, like youth, lends itself to different meaning: “violence is the expression of hostility and rage through physical force directed against person and property” (Viren, 2013). Against this background, we shall now define youth violence in this paper as essentially a deviant or gang subculture. Literature on gang subculture deals with: “the criminal behavior of adolescent youths from working class background i.e. “street corner gangs” (Ruyter, 2013). In essence, youth violence has a deviant characteristics, which suggests an abnormal situation which makes youth become liable to involvement in illegal or anti-social activities. Youth violence, as used in this work, refers to abnormal practices of youth. Most of the cases we shall examine are about youths whose behavior counter to the accepted standards of the

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