Essay On Gun Violence

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The topic I want to talk about is Gun violence. Gun violence is pretty much explains itself, It is the usage of a gun to commit a violent act. I think Gun violence is an important issue because there are roughly 32,000 gun deaths per year. The way it affects me personally, is because my grandmother shot herself when I was younger. So roughly 33,880 people die each year from gun violence. 11,564 people are murdered, 21,037 people kill themselves, 544 people are killed unintentionally, 468 are killed by police intervention, 267 die but intent is not known. Out of the 33,880, 2,647 are kids. This means that 1,565 children and teens are murdered, 907 children and teens kill themselves, 116 children and teens are killed unintentionally, 27 are killed by police and 32 die but the intent was unknown, keep in mind that these deaths are only done with guns, no other objects, The numbers would be much higher if we included other weapons and/or …show more content…

I believe that if a person has been involved in a violent incident or if a person is mentally unstable then there is a more likely chance for them to misuse a firearm, and by enforcing this policy gun crime rates will go down because those who are more likely to misuse the firearm will not be able to buy a firearm legally. One reason i think that this policy will help stop some gun violence is because a study was done and it showed that people with serious mental illness are three times more likely than those who are not mentally ill to commit violent acts against themselves and others, also Up to 60% of mass shooters have some kind of psychiatric or psychological

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